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Waterproof flooring: An industry innovation

Homeowners, are you in the market for waterproof flooring? If you think that your kitchen needs a new makeover,or that your living room could use an update, then Avalon Wood Flooring is the place to visit. Bring your flooring questions to the pros, that's us! When it comes to waterproof flooring, we have an incredible amount in a variety of shades, grains, stains, and finishes. Come down to our Santa Ana, CA showroom and find out why Avalon Wood Flooring is a leader in the flooring industry.

Waterproof flooring: An excellent choice for home renovations

Recently, laminate flooring has become increasingly popular due to several reasons, including its ease of care, selection of designs and colors, and of course, its waterproof features. Homeowners that are looking for a less expensive, more practical flooring choice to improve their homes frequently turn to waterproof flooring. If you're in love with that elegant hardwood look, but hoping for a friendlier priced product that is easier to take care of, then waterproof flooring won't disappoint.

Advantages of waterproof flooring:

Seamless installation
Wood plastic composite and waterproof core flooring planks are fixed or hooked together to create smooth, seamless flooring. This method of installing waterproof flooring ensures a perfect seal and does not allow moisture or water to seep between the flooring planks.

Wear and tear resistant
Waterproof flooring is specially designed to be highly resistant to scratches, stains, and scuff marks. These planks have a waterproof core and wax-filled edging to ensure it is resistant to water damage. This added water protection is what makes it such an appealing product to homeowners. Why opt for something else if you can get that elegant, stylish hardwood look you want at a reduced price?
Waterproof flooring in Santa Ana, CA from Avalon Wood Flooring
Broad finish selection
There are many stunning finishes in waterproof floorings, such as maple, oak, alder, walnut, cherry, and mahogany. Waterproof flooring also comes in different colors, including white, eggshell, red, blue, gray, and silver. These flooring possibilities present homeowners with many exciting options, allowing them to express their lifestyle through their choice of home décor.

Easy flooring maintenance
You may not believe how easy it is to keep your new waterproof floors looking so lovely. In fact, all homeowners have to do is sweep and mop their waterproof flooring when installed. No need to sand and polish the planks, as with hardwood floors. What style, color, and features are you looking for in waterproof flooring? Come to Avalon Wood Flooring and find out if waterproof flooring is the best choice for you!

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