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Adding area rugs to your home can be such a benefit

Area rugs are an excellent addition to any room for both décor matching and flooring protection. They are an affordable way to make a significant impact, especially when specific visuals are preferred. To find out more about how these rugs can benefit you, read along.

Why choose area rugs?

These rugs are available in a wide variety of options that can easily meet any décor need. Choose from various fibers, cuts, colors, shapes, and sizes for a flooring experience you'll adore. A rug can create a striking focal point for neutral spaces or the perfect contrast for visual enhancement.

In areas that are already busy with color and design, a neutral piece can be just the thing to tone down the ambiance without spending too much money changing your décor. To prevent overwhelming your décor, you can place them underneath furniture pieces or choose smaller products to accomplish the same task. An even better benefit is their mobility, which means you can easily move them from one room to the next if you want to change the look in any space.

That same mobility can also make it easy to take them up for repairs or cleaning. Of course, daily cleaning and spot-cleaning as necessary will keep your rug looking great. But it’s good to know that when necessary, they are easy to move.

For those with whole-home hard surface flooring, an area rug can be just the thing for adding a bit of underfoot warmth and comfort where it’s needed most. Add it to your bedside, in your children’s rooms, in front of tubs or showers, and especially in the living room, for relaxing comfort in any season. There’s no reason to choose wall-to-wall carpeting when you can gain the same benefits from these great floor coverings.

Choosing an excellent showroom for your rugs and flooring

Avalon Wood Flooring provides perfect floor coverings and services for all your needs. We have an extensive inventory that our friendly, knowledgeable associates will be happy to help you browse through. Once you find the materials you need most, we’ll finalize the experience to your complete satisfaction.

We’re proud to serve communities such as Santa Ana, CA, Irvine, CA, Newport Beach, CA, Corona del Mar, CA, and Fountain Valley, CA from our Santa Ana, CA showroom location. If you're a resident, we invite you to visit us when you're in the area to find materials that will meet your preferences and requirements. When you're ready for living room rugs and more, see what we have to offer.

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