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Why polyester and other synthetic carpets are trending right now

Synthetic carpet floors make up about 97% of all soft surfaces since many families with kids and pets see them as more practical. In addition, they are more stain-resistant, stronger, and budget-friendly. Carpet flooring is stylish, soft, and available in various colors, patterns, and textures.

Polyester offers superior stain-resistance

Polyester carpet flooring has superior stain resistance. This is because polyester is a hydrophobic fiber, meaning that it doesn't absorb, which makes the capability inherent. Of course, all fibers have some form of stain protectants, but it's a big win for you when added to polyester.

Great price point

This fiber is also soft, strong, and moderately priced. Because of the price point, it's often a preferred choice in new home developments.

Other synthetic fibers include:

1. Nylon: This accounts for 50% of all carpeting. It's ultra-strong, has good stain resistance, and can withstand the heaviest wear and tear.

2. Olefin (polypropylene): This fiber is mainly associated with looped constructions, such as the Berber style. It, too, is non-absorbent, strong, and budget-friendly. It's not unusual to see it in Berber styles in offices and other commercial facilities.

3. Triexta: This fiber was developed by DuPont, the same people who brought us nylon! Although it's relatively new to the market, it has already gained a significant reputation for its permanent stain resistance that's built into the fiber, as well as super-strength.

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