Luxury vinyl flooring from Avalon Wood Flooring in Santa Ana, CA

Which flooring is easiest to install?

The absolute easiest floorings to install are luxury and standard vinyl;? waterproof flooring; laminate and cork.

Carpet and hardwood require special skills and tools.? They also have special issues: Hardwood, with the expansion and contraction issues due to weather conditions, and carpet, with seaming and stretching.

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All easy four are floating floor installations

A floating floor isn't the actual product but, rather, the type of installation.? With a few exceptions, they can be placed over most existing subfloors.? All subfloors need to be clean, dry, and level; cork might require some repair work so imperfections can't be felt when walking.

Cork might require a little more subfloor repair so imperfections aren?t felt when walking.

A floating floor means the pieces click together like a puzzle and then are placed over the subfloor.

While standard vinyl comes only in sheets or composite tiles, it's important to note that there doesn't have to be a click-and-lock technique for a floor to float.

Fast and easy doesn?t necessarily mean do-it-yourself

Some manufacturers will not honor any warranty where there is a DIY installation. Many companies have strict requirements on installing flooring; when not followed, damages, even those of no fault of the homeowner, do not get covered.

Be sure to ask your flooring pro exactly what your responsibilities are.

Keep in mind that flooring is a major investment, possibly the biggest one you'll make in your home.? Protect it.? Even the so-called easiest ones have issues, such as being sure the joints are lined up properly, and tightly, or the seams in luxury vinyl tile or plank are not crooked. While you don't have to deal with seams with sheet vinyl, handling those large sheets can be laborious.

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