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What?s trending in carpet ? California style

Trends vary, and the thing that you must ultimately remember is that your flooring is about you. It is about your tastes, your preferences, and the statement that you want to make in your home. At the same time, if you are looking for a change and something new, sometimes it is helpful to discover what others are finding popular to give you some ideas as to what is possible as you put your distinct touch on your floors. So, as your carpet retailer, what have we found to be trending here on the west coast?

Colors are back

For a long time, the advice given by designers and real-estate agents was to go with neutral colors. They blend with pretty much any piece of furniture you might have in a room and the lighter colors also help a room to feel more spacious. Yet, today, people are looking to make a statement, and colors in flooring are one of those ways they are doing so. Consider hunter-green or burgundy as a way to draw attention to your floors. If you want a more neutral feel while still introducing color to your carpet flooring, consider grey, which is both versatile and makes a statement.

Designs and prints are in

Patterned carpets are always a classy way to add style to a room. Many are taking it one step further, considering their flooring to be just as much a canvas for expression as their walls. Animal prints, especially, add color and design to your floor, especially in a runner, where the print contrasts with the plain wood or tile at the edges.

Consider area rugs

Speaking of runners, consider area rugs in those rooms where hardwood or tile is the primary floor. This allows for an additional touch of color or design as well as some softness to the room. Done properly, an area rug will not damage the flooring under it, so this allows for a change of look to a room without having to go through the expense and mess of taking up hard surfaces.

Renewable resources

and renewable resources often do not go in the same sentence, yet with our concern about our carbon footprint in this world, more manufacturers are responding to the demand to use renewable and recycled materials. Padding has been made from recycled rubber for many years so now manufacturers are beginning to make fibers from recycled plastic waste. These fibers are strong and highly stain-resistant and make use of plastics rather than dumping them into landfills. Historically, wool was the fiber that carpet was made from, and this too is making a return. Wool can be dyed in many different colors and provides a very durable fiber for your flooring.

At Avalon Wood Flooring, our goal is to provide you with the very best carpet flooring in Santa Ana, CA. We also serve surrounding communities like Irvine, Newport Beach, and Corona Del Mar. So, if you are thinking about carpet and are wanting to see some examples of popular trends, give us a call or stop by our showroom. One of our knowledgeable designers will help you explore all of your options.