What to know about carpet pile

What to know about carpet pile

When you shop for carpet in Santa Ana, CA, you'll hear the term " pile" a lot. It refers to how the fibers are attached to the backing.

The pile is the rug's surface that you see and feel. It has everything to do with style, performance, and the feeling underfoot.

There are three main styles of carpet

  1. Looped construction: Berbers and level loop styles have tightly woven loops. They are durable and great for high-traffic areas.?
  2. Cut-pile: These rugs have fibers of various lengths. Low-pile rugs are considered the most durable and easiest to clean.High pile rugs have long, loose fibers like the shag, an iconic carpet flooring introduced in the 1970s. Saxony rugs are considered a medium pile.?
  3. Cut and loop: Various fiber heights create patterns, such as pin dots, geometric, diamonds, etc.

The pile can be textured or twisted

It's not only about fiber length. There are styles within styles. For example:

  1. Saxony Straight: Thick, densely packed fibers go in one direction. This is called plush texture, and it's soft, luxurious, and best for low-traffic areas like the bedroom.?
  2. Saxony Trackless (or texture): This has fibers going in all different directions, so these rugs hide footprints and other marks. These carpet floors are acceptable for any room.?
  3. Frieze carpets have fibers that twist so tightly they curl. This casual, "messy" look is excellent, especially for family rooms.

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