Carpet flooring in Santa Ana, CA from Avalon Wood Flooring

What carpet should you choose for your Santa Ana, CA bedroom?

Every room has its own set of priorities and challenges, and the bedroom is no different. Stepping out first thing in the morning on something cold and hard isn?t exactly a top option, which is why carpet flooring is such a popular choice for this room. It is warm, soft, plush, and has superior sound absorption, an advantage, especially if you have young children or residents who are night shift workers. Please make sure you tell us exactly how you plan to use it when you are shopping for?carpet in Santa Ana.

While nothing needs to be an exact match, keep your overall style in mind, so there?s no clash with your other furnishings. For example, if the home is in the traditional-style, you probably wouldn't want something too bold, but if the overall tone is more eclectic, you can be more flexible. Also, keep in mind that bedroom furniture tends to cover most of the rug, so texture may end up being more critical than ever.?

Pile, style, and texture

When we talk about rug pile, we refer to height, related to style and texture. High pile rugs, like the shag, have long loose fibers. They are very plush, but a high pile is more challenging to keep clean, and it?s also not as durable as a low pile rug with short, tightly woven fibers. Bedrooms, however, are light foot traffic spaces, so it?s not much of an issue as it would be in a heavily trafficked room like the living or family area. There?s also the straight loop, such as the Berber style, but it may not be soft enough for your bedroom needs. A good alternative is a medium-cut pile with a plush texture.

We have over 60 years of flooring experience, and our roster of clients includes homeowners, builders, designers, and contractors.?When shopping for carpet floors, you can be sure to be guided to the best for your home in Santa Ana, Irvine, Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, CA.?Visit our showroom, Avalon Wood Flooring, in Santa Ana; you?ll be glad you came in (and will also get a free carpet flooring estimate.)