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What carpet is best for high traffic areas?

Carpet flooring installed in a home's high traffic areas needs to be able to withstand rigorous use. Stain resistance and ease of cleaning, mainly if the household includes pets and children, is imperative. Carpet pile and type of fiber are two factors to consider when judging the durability of carpeting. Avalon Wood Flooring offers carpet in Santa Ana, California, appropriate for the home's busiest areas. We have over 60 years of experience in the flooring industry.

Carpet pile

Carpet pile is determined by the length of fiber strands as well as the density of the fibers. Little of the backing should be visible when you bend a carpet sample into a U-shape. Sewing loops of the fiber construct carpet flooring onto the backing. For maximum durability, choose short loop pile carpeting. Additional styles are created when loops are cut at the tips. Cut fibers are turned to increase durability. Carpet with a 6.0 TPI, or turns per inch, is desirable.?


Nylon is the most durable synthetic fiber, so it's not surprising that it has been the most popular fiber for decades. It's also the most versatile fiber. A wide range of cut and loop pile styles are created with nylon. This fiber maintains its new look years after installation. It is resilient or able to bounce back when furniture is removed. It resists matting and crushing, and it resists stains after treatments are applied in the factory. Choose wool or sisal if you prefer a natural fiber.?

It's easy to upgrade your carpet floors when you shop at Avalon Wood Flooring. Our installation team is experienced, and our flooring specialists can answer all flooring questions. We offer free in-home measurement and services like carpet disposal, design consultation, flooring repairs, and custom area rugs. We serve southern California communities, including Santa Ana, Irvine, Newport Beach, and Corona Del Mar. Please fill out our online form to schedule a free estimate.?