Carpet in Santa Ana, CA from Avalon Wood Flooring

What carpet colors are trending?

Carpet flooring adds an elegant touch to any room. Carpeting also has numerous benefits. It deadens sound, insulates temperature, and provides cushioning for falls.

This year, carpet?s all about expressing your style and ?living out loud.? No longer is carpet just an off-white or pale yellow surface to blend into the background.

Modern technology has expanded color palettes

Even shag carpets, with their iconic 1970s brown, green, and gold hues, have expanded. Today, you can get any fun colors from red, purple, and black to multi-tones and more.

As for neutral hues, there?s a good reason why these carpet floors have always been so popular. They coordinate with just about anything. Today, however, they're deeper, richer, and often earth-toned.

The new neutrals

Blue rugs have become the darling of the design world. That is because any shade of blue will coordinate well with anything.

It adds a touch of color without overwhelming the space. Gray is another ?new neutral.?

It's undergone a bit of change, though. Today you'll see shades like greige (gray +beige) or charcoal (gray+ brown).

Feel free to come into our showroom. You'll see these beauties when you are considering carpet in Santa Ana, CA.

Bold, vibrant jewel-tones

This includes shades like red, green, purple, etc. If you're not ready to go all-in, choose a carpet in a neutral color. Then come to see us layering with a colorful area rug.

A couple of hints on choosing a color

1. Make sure it harmonizes with the other colors in your home.

2. If you choose a patterned rug, stick with one of two colors. Multi-tones can become too much.

3. Think of balance! If walls and other furnishings are darker and more saturated, think about choosing lighter carpet flooring.

A flooring company that helps turn dreams into reality

For over 60 years, Avalon Wood Flooring has been helping people choose the ideal carpet for their needs and style. We know flooring is a significant investment, and we'll help you navigate all the choices.

Our showroom is in Santa Ana, CA, where we carry top brands like Dream Weaver, Phenix, and more. In addition, we work with homeowners and businesses in Santa Ana, Irvine, Newport Beach, and Corona Del Mar, CA.