Three trending carpet styles

Three trending carpet styles

When shopping for carpet in Santa Ana, you might wonder what the best style is for your home. After all, you'll be surrounded by many gorgeous styles, designs, patterns, and colors.

It's easy to simplify it, though. We'll tell you how with the three most trending carpet styles.

Looped constructions

Berber styles remain one of the most popular. They are versatile enough to work well in any room, from the living area to the bedroom. In addition, they now have assorted colors and multi-tones.

Berber (and level loop) carpeting is durable and great for high-traffic areas. In addition, the short, tightly woven fibers make this carpet flooring easy to clean.

Cut-piles: a style for everyone

All rugs start the manufacturing process with uncut loops, like Berber styles. They either remain that way or are cut into piles; this means how the fibers are attached to the backing.

Cut piles have styles within the style: You can get fibers of any length, and they can be twisted or have textures like plush.

Here is a rundown:

1.Basic cut-pile. Which is suitable for any level of foot traffic.
2.Medium cut-piles like the Saxony. This comes in two textures, plush and trackless.
3. Cut piles with long, loose fibers like shag. These carpet floors are best for bedrooms and other low-traffic rooms.
4.Frieze: long-ish fibers that are twisted so tightly they curl. Great for family rooms.
5.Low pile: This is the most durable and easiest to clean.

Cut & loop: suitable for all traffic levels

Varied yarn lengths create patterns such as pin-dot, geometrics, sculpted marble looks, etc. This carpet style is suitable for living areas or bedrooms.

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