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Three hardwood flooring trends

Wood floors
are classic and timeless. However, tastes change somewhat from time to time, so here are three hardwood flooring trends you may want to know.

Engineered wood flooring: one of the biggest trends

No one can ever doubt the allure of wood floors. Sometimes you can't have them, however.

Wood is damaged by excessive moisture, so it may not be suggested for installation in certain areas. Or they might be too pricey.

Enter the engineered version. On the surface, they look identical to solid hardwood flooring. So then, you have your beautiful species with knots, grains, undertones, etc.??

The construction is different, giving the floor more stability and a better ability to handle water. As a result, engineered wood flooring offers the best of two worlds, beauty and practicality.

Unique arrangements and distinctive patterns

Remember the 1970s parquet patterns? Herringbone was the original, and it's back again in a big way with wood floors.

Installers will lay the planks at both 90 and 45-degree angles. Chevron patterns, not to be confused with herringbone, are also popular, usually printed right on the plank.

Random width arrangements are also popular. Designers create layouts with planks of various sizes.

Textures for the finishing touch

Always popular, textures are even more so this year. The following three work in all decors but are especially popular with hardwood flooring in rustic design.??

Wire-brushed: This is when a steel brush peels back the hardwood to expose the heartwood. The effect is a very subtle weathered look.

Hand scraping is done either with a knife or by machinery. Long scrapes are made to give each plank a distinctive, expensive look.

Distressed is the highest level of weathered. There are scrapes, scratches, and burn marks to make the floor look naturally aged.

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