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Three benefits of carpet stretching

Remember, correct installation is crucial to any flooring installation. It not only enhances appearance but affects performance and lifespan.

For carpets, proper stretching is critical. Many mills include specific instructions as to how this should be done. If not followed, all protections can be lost.

We give you three more reasons why stretching is essential to a carpet flooring installation.

Carpet stretching enhances the lifespan

We know that flooring is a significant investment in your home, so you want it to have a long life span.

Well, proper stretching does just that for a rug! When installed correctly, there won't be any pockets for dirt and grime to hide.
That makes cleaning easier, which, in turn, increases lifespan. That's because dirt and sand can dull and mat the rug and cause crushing.

Crushing is the inability of rugs to retain their original appearance. Dirt and sand are also sharp, which can result in carpet floors with torn fibers.

Better cleaning also results in the elimination of allergens and disease-causing grime. That also improves indoor air quality, as a dirty rug impedes circulation around walls.

No obstacles on which to trip!

A loose rug results in rolls, bulges, or wrinkles. In addition, kids, pets, and adults won't trip on properly stretched carpets.

You?ll save money in the long term

There are some excellent reasons to have your carpets professionally stretched. Many of them include monetary savings.

?Installers are professionals, so they pay wholesale for tools. You'll pay retail.

?Elimination of repair costs. There?s also no need for early replacement of carpet in Santa Ana.

?Warranty protections. We alluded to this in the beginning. To emphasize, when protections are lost, they'll even include damages that are of no fault to the homeowner.

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