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The top 4 luxury vinyl tile trends for 2020 according to our luxury vinyl tile flooring store experts

Typically, when homeowners walk into our luxury vinyl tile flooring store, they?re looking for new surfacing for a home improvement project. Not only are luxury vinyl tile floors a great way to refresh the style of a room, but they?re also a great investment that can increase the value of a home. While some folks simply need new flooring that?s functional, others prioritize the need for a dramatic transformation. No matter what you?re looking for, let?s go over the top 4 luxury vinyl tile flooring trends to give you some unique ideas!


These days, the lookalike style is all the rage, and luxury vinyl tile is no exception. Manufactured in various designs, patterns, and styles, wood-look porcelain is a top trend this year. The appearance of the grain and texture is so similar to wood, many people mistake it for the real deal! Plus, you don?t have to worry about scratching, scuff marks or wear-and-tear with luxury vinyl tiles. Maintenance-wise, they?re also super simple to keep clean and don?t need special products.


Another favorite luxury vinyl tile flooring trend is the marble look. With this ceramic or porcelain style, you'll get an extremely realistic installation that will no doubt impress your visitors. It's another way to get a style that you appreciate, but at what's likely a more cost-effective price. Get the beauty you're looking for with the ease of sturdy luxury vinyl tile.

Large format

Not only are large format luxury vinyl tiles easier to maintain and clean, but they're also a favorite of interior designers because the need for fewer grout lines makes the installation look more attractive. When we talk about large format luxury vinyl tiles, we?re mostly referring to 12X12 inch luxury vinyl tiles or larger. Luckily, you can get this type of installation in either porcelain or ceramic.

Black-and-white pattern

Decades ago, the black-and-white patterned luxury vinyl tile look was all the rage. Well, it's back again, that's for sure! Recently, they've started to pop up in homes that ant to give a more traditional or retro appearance. While it may be reminiscent of our grandparents' kitchens, it's a very bold look for someone who wants a bit of edge or pop for their space.

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