Should my cabinets match my new hardwood flooring?

Should my cabinets match my new hardwood flooring?

The answer to this question is that it's a matter of personal taste. But, generally, using too much of the same color can make a room look flat, so it's a good idea to create a color scheme of one or two hues that work well with each other. This is true whether you choose natural hardwood flooring (or you go with a wood-look floor).?

Watch the undertones, though

Undertones are secondary colors in the wood. They can be warm, like a reddish or orange hue?or cool, like a slate blue.

Don't mix up the warm and cool. For example, if your cabinets, tables, and other case goods are wood, choose hardwood flooring with the same type of undertone (i.e., warm or cool).

Otherwise, you?ll have a confusing, conflicting mess.

Why contrast is a good thing

  1. Contrast creates separation. Sometimes using too much of the same color can make the hardwood floors and cabinets seem like one entity without any clear delineation.?
  2. It can accent and highlight. Contrasting but coordinating hues can show off the beauty of other items.?
  3. It creates visual interest and doesn't have to be too drastic to be effective. This is an excellent time to invest $25 in a color wheel to see what works.?
  4. It can brighten a space and make it seem more significant. This is especially so when the hardwood floors are lighter.?
  5. It adds texture and depth.

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