Moisture and hardwood flooring: FAQs to consider

Moisture and hardwood flooring: FAQs to consider

Wood floors are warm, elegant, and charming. They also have a lot of benefits, including easy maintenance and property value-adding.

Wood and water don't mix. So here are three easy tips to keep your floors in top shape.

Keep the welcome mat out!??

You should always wipe spills immediately, of course. But remember, water and moisture can come in on the soles of your shoes.?

If it's okay, consider asking people to remove their shoes before walking on the wood surfaces. Remember, we have pools, beaches, and rain that can come in on the shoe soles.

Clean and polish carefully

When you polish hardwood flooring, be sure to wipe any excess. Liquid can seep through the seams.

Mops should always be damp, not wet. Avoid steam cleaners, as the floors can be damaged by intense heat and moisture.

Consider engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood is taking over a significant share of the wood flooring industry. So consider it, especially if your home is prone to leaks.

Rest assured, engineered in genuine wood. It has various species features like undertones, knots, raised grains, and textures. Visit our showroom to see designs like American Oak Plank by Mannington when shopping for wood flooring in Santa Ana, CA.

The only difference is that engineered wood has a different construction. It makes the floors more stable and better able to handle water.??

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