Matted carpet flooring? Here?s what to do

Matted carpet flooring? Here?s what to do

Over time, your carpet flooring may look matted and flat. Also referred to as crushing, it means the fibers are collapsing, but no worries, it doesn't mean you need to replace the carpeting!

First, know what causes matted carpet

Sometimes just regular wear and tear can cause it; matting usually happens in heavy foot traffic areas. It can also occur more frequently with high pile carpets, such as the frieze or shag.

Crushing can also occur from the weight of furniture legs or even if the rug is dirty.

Can I fix it?

Yes. Sometimes all it takes is vacuuming the carpet floors to stimulate fibers and plump them up.?

Or, it could mean that it's time for professional deep cleaning.

Vacuuming picks up surface dirt, but the fibers trap the rest. Professional deep cleaning is recommended every 12 to 18 months.

Other things to try include:

  1. A carpet broom or rake: Run it over the rug several times to loosen dirt. Then vacuum.?
  2. Ice cubes: Sometimes moisture can separate fibers. Let ice cubes melt in the matted area. Then, gently brush.

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