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Luxury Vinyl Tile: Why It's a Good Choice for You

These days, homeowners have a plethora of flooring options when they're ready to update or renovate their private living space. One option which has recently gained precedence and popularity is luxury vinyl tile. There are a wide range of advantages that result from using this type of tile, and some of them include:

1. Aesthetic Appeal

As many interior decorators have noted, luxury vinyl tile looks amazing. This type of flooring can be made to replicate the appearance of stone or ceramic. The planks of the material feature a plethora of textures and colors, meaning that homeowners will have a wide range of options in optimizing the visual appeal of their living space.

2. Low Maintenance

Yet another great benefit of luxury vinyl flooring is that this type of flooring is relatively low maintenance. Vinyl flooring is much more resilient to spills than hardwood. Additionally, it can't be damaged by moisture because it contains no wood. This means that the flooring won't be susceptible to swelling or buckling.

3. Easy Installation/Renovation

Vinyl tile can be floated or glued down. The individual planks and tiles can also be clicked together and subsequently installed without the use of glue to float on a special underlayment. The floating floors can be used to cover up minimal imperfections during the renovation process. It's also important to note that this type of vinyl tile is substantively thinner than hardwood. And when remodeling, it's much easier to match thinner material to the existing flooring that surrounds it. For these reasons, luxury vinyl tiling is an excellent option in terms of installation and renovation ease.

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