Luxury vinyl flooring around the fireplace: Will it work?

Luxury vinyl flooring around the fireplace: Will it work?

Luxury vinyl flooring has many benefits, such as style and durability. It also resists catching fire and melting. In the unlikely event it catches fire, it will self-extinguish? not spread around.

This makes it an ideal flooring around fireplaces.

That doesn?t mean you don?t need to take precautions

All vinyl is durable, especially the luxury version. But you still want to avoid damage. Sometimes heat, such as from steam cleaners, can be too intense?and cause harm.

Always read the warranty and seek the advice of a flooring professional if you have questions about care. Depending on quality and care, vinyl plank flooring or tile can last over 25 years.

Let's talk more about those benefits

Affordable high-end style! Luxury vinyl flooring offers vivid, true-to-life wood, stone, and tile images. The floors have depth, dimension, and textured looks.

Luxury vinyl has an additional design option. It can be cut into planks or in square, tile-sized pieces. Planks mimic hardwood, while the squares echo stone and tile.

Some say they can't tell the difference between that and genuine materials. You won't pay what you would for the real thing, though.

Extreme durability?enough for kids and pets!

Your vinyl plank or LVT flooring in Santa Ana, CA, is five times thicker than the original. It has a top clear coating (wear layer) that protects the floor from scratches, scuffs, and dents.?

At the very top is a clear urethane finish. That adds extra strength and shine.

No scrubbing necessary

All luxury vinyl flooring needs is regular sweeping and periodic mopping.

Uncomplicated installation

Some installation techniques are fast and easy (i.e., less expensive). Our installers will determine the best process for your home.

Top flooring source in Santa Ana

At Avalon Wood Flooring, we understand value. Luxury vinyl flooring is an affordable, attractive alternative to genuine wood.

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