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Is carpet sustainable?

Choosing the perfect carpet flooring is an important task, especially if you're looking to meet specific appearance, durability, and lifespan criteria. But it's also essential, especially these days, to find a sustainable option, which is the topic we are addressing today.

Carpet floors provide many options

Now, more than ever, sustainable flooring options are significant as homeowners turn to them for a greener build or remodel. It's a great way to give back and well worth taking the time to consider.

Wool is an excellent choice for sustainable flooring, as it is the only all-natural carpet fiber available. It has no harsh chemical treatments, synthetic dyes, or added adhesives, making it an excellent choice for anyone sensitive to certain types of chemicals.

Sisal and jute are also highly sustainable but more expensive, especially when flooring wall to wall. For more affordable options, be sure to consult with your flooring professional about all your options.

It's also essential to exercise sustainable practices with your carpet floors, including recycling your old carpets when finished with them. Some companies even have programs for picking up your used flooring and turning it into something else, keeping it out of landfills for decades to come.

Let us help you create perfect carpet floors

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