Introducing Mohawk Strand Woven Bamboo

Our Durable, Beautiful, Environmentally-Friendly Hardwood Flooring
Whether it's the?natural or baked natural colors of our Hilea line?or the?handscraped visuals of our Kahala line,?Mohawk Strand Woven Bamboo?is the gorgeous, green addition to our collection of hardwood flooring.?At Mohawk, we have a rich history of thinking green- We?ve introduced green initiatives in hardwood flooring before, such as our?Mohawk Hardwood made from reclaimed buildings.?Combining exotic beauty with supreme durability, Strand Woven Bamboo represents a renewable alternative to traditional hardwoods.?Proving that sometimes you really can have the best of both worlds, the assortment of colors found in our?Rarity?and?Artiquity Collections?shows that with Mohawk Bamboo, saving the earth doesn't mean sacrificing style.

As Sturdy As It Is Stunning, Strand Woven Bamboo Is Supreme Durability
The high-traffic areas in your home demand a flooring that can withstand the amount of activity it will receive and still maintain a sparkling appearance worthy of entertaining guests.?Twice the hardness of Domestic Oak, Mohawk Strand Woven Bamboo is created from an environmentally-friendly process that uses?100% of the bamboo stalk?to make bamboo strands.?These bamboo strands are then pressed together with an eco-friendly adhesive and put under high pressure to form blocks which will ultimately be sawn into flooring planks.?As a result, the tremendous durability of Mohawk Bamboo makes it perfect for a residential or commercial application- and your high-traffic is no match for this tough surface.?With an?impressive environmental story, including?low formaldehyde?and?sustainability, and a dazzling color palette to pick from, Strand Woven Bamboo presents an incredible direction for the flooring industry to take.

And your attractive home will love this exciting direction as well!
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