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How vital is the carpet pile to my choice?

You'll often hear the word "pile" when shopping for carpet flooring. That's because it affects everything from style to feel underfoot and performance.

What is a carpet pile?

pile refers to how the yarns are attached to the backing. Rugs start in the manufacturing process as an uncut looped pile.

These are Berber and level loop styles. The feeling underfoot is firm, and these rugs are durable enough for the heaviest foot traffic.

There are several types of cut-pile carpet floors:

1. Basic, which has short, evenly sheared fibers, suitable for all traffic levels.

2. Saxony, where the yarns are a little longer than basic. It also comes in two textures.

Saxony Straight is plush, with short, densely packed fibers. This is best for low-traffic areas like the bedroom as it shows vacuum marks and footprints.

Saxony texture has fibers that go in all directions. In addition, they hide marks, so you can use this floor covering anywhere.

We'll remind you that not all styles suit all needs here. Talk to one of our flooring professionals when you are shopping for carpet in Santa Ana, CA.

Other cut-piles include:

3. High pile: This has long, loose fibers like the shag. It requires extra TLC to clean it, so it's best for bedrooms and other low-traffic spaces.

4. Low pile rugs are more durable and easy to keep clean.

5. Cut & loop: This is a combination of various carpet piles. The different fiber heights create patterns.

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