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How to simplify choosing a carpet style

There are many styles and textures available. However, that might make it seem overwhelming to shop for carpet flooring.

It's not, though, if you stay focused. Think about your needs and learn something about each style.
Read along to learn more about picking your carpet flooring style.

Three main carpet styles

All carpets start as a looped construction, such as Berber styles and level loops. As a result, they are durable, low maintenance, and great for high-traffic floors.

The uncut loops can either remain or become cut-piles of various lengths. They can also be plush or twisted.

At this point, it?s best to come into our showroom when shopping for carpet in Santa Ana, CA. We'll discuss your needs in detail and make recommendations if you desire.

The third style combines both looped and cut constructions; the various fiber heights are used to create patterns and textured effects.

Cut pile types

Cut-piles include:
1. Basic cut-pile with short, evenly sheared fibers is suitable for all traffic levels.

2. Saxony pile comes in two versions. Saxony Straight has a plush pile, and these carpet floors are best for low-traffic areas.

Saxony Texture (or "Trackless") has fibers that go in all directions. As a result, it hides marks, so these work for all traffic levels.

3. High pile rugs, like the shag, and these carpet floors require more care in cleaning.

4. Low pile rugs, like the Berber styles, are more durable and easy to care for.

5. Frieze pile has long-ish fibers twisted so tightly they curl. Durable and great for any traffic level.

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