Carpet flooring in a modern Santa Ana, CA home

How to shop for carpet like an expert

Finding the right flooring can be overwhelming for anyone! Walk into a store and you?ll see a dizzying array of colors, styles, designs and more. Carpet flooring is no exception, so here?s some information to have on hand when you shop.

Know some basic terms

?Pile. There?s low, with the short, tightly woven fibers, such as a Berber. There?s high, with long, loose ones like the shag or frieze. Both are just as good, but low pile carpets are easier to clean and a little more durable.

Every room has a different set of challenges and priorities, so not every carpet type will work with every floor.

?Twist. This is a big determination of quality. It refers to the number of times fibers are twisted in a one-inch length. The number of times, the higher the quality, as twisting decreases the chance of unraveling.
?Density, not weight, is what determines quality. It refers to how closely fibers are woven together; if you bend back a sample card and see a lot of white space, it?s of lesser quality.
?Padding protects the carpet and affects both appearance and longevity. Not all padding is the same, so ask your flooring pro about the best one for your carpet.

Carpet flooring in various styles

Be sure to discuss your wants, needs, and style with the retailer so he or she can help you select the right one for you.

?Saxony: This is sometimes called the ?plush carpet.? It?s a soft cut pile, has a luxurious velvety feel and is great for living rooms or the bedroom.
?Shag. This is often called the ?sheepdog rug,? with its long, loose fibers. Once known for its iconic green, brown and gold hues of past decades, it now has an expanded color palette that includes everything from purple to multi tones.
?Frieze. This has curly, twisted fibers, it looks a little messy, and it is a good choice for informal rooms like the family area.
?Berber. It?s a carpet style that?s made of looped fibers and is named the type of weaving done by Berber tribes of North Africa. There are always flecks of different colors running through it.
?Cut and loop: This style combines looped and cut fibers, coming in various designs such as geometrics.

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