How to get the beachy look with hardwood floors

The beach has a certain allure to it that cannot be denied, and you can even bring a bit of that ambiance into your home with a beachy wood flooring approach. If you?re interested in creating a waterfront look with your next floor covering, reach along now to find out how to do it.

Choosing sun-bleached wood flooring

Neutral tones work well in areas where a beachy appearance is preferred, especially silver, white, or bamboo hues. But even differently colored wood can work if you whitewash-age it and treat it with a UV finish.

The goal is to create the appearance of a surface that has been worn by both sun and sand. You can also achieve this with a raised grain look, in addition to your chosen colors, which should include a variety of color variations and shades throughout the piece.

You can amp up the appearance of your beachy flooring with coastal d?cor and accents as well, with colors in seafoam green, sky blue, or sandy blondes. When you?re ready to create the perfect theme for your home, be sure to visit us and tell us more about your vision and desire.

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