Here are some of the ways carpet can serve your household

Here are some of the ways carpet can serve your household

We all know how beautiful carpet flooring is. It comes in an astonishing number of styles, patterns, and colors.

All you must do is walk through our showroom and see gorgeous designs like Chamber's Bay by Dream Weaver or the Coral Sea by Unique Carpets, Inc.

It's more than a pretty face, however. Here are some ways carpet can serve you.

Carpeting is comfortable, warm, and cushiony

There's nothing like stepping out of bed onto something soft and luxurious in the morning. That comfort is one of the big reasons people love carpets so much.

That cushion-like feeling also serves another purpose: Carpet floors have good traction, which helps to eliminate slips and falls.??

And if a fall does happen, it softens it?especially good for homes with children or senior residents.

Carpets reduce noise

You'll especially appreciate this if you have infants, young children, or shift workers who sleep at odd hours. It's also great if you're trying to work only to get disturbed.

The extra padding eliminates the tapping of footsteps, muffled conversations, beeping devices, etc.

Carpet flooring improves indoor air quality

Soft surfaces act as passive air filters, trapping pollutants and particles in fibers. They'll stay there until your carpet in Santa Ana is deep-cleaned.

This keeps the particles from circulating in the air. They are removed from the breathing zone, so you can still have carpet flooring if you have allergies!

They have hypoallergenic properties

Some, like nylon olefin carpets, resist mold and mildew and are easy to clean. Wool carpets, such as Antigua by Unique Carpets, are, of course, completely natural.

It's also of note that many now emit very low, or no, VOCs. These are Volatile Organic Compounds that create that "new product smell"-- and wreak havoc on allergies.

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