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What hardwood species are native to my area?

Choosing wood flooring for your home is an exciting opportunity all by itself, but what if you could select species that are native to your local area? That's what we're going to look at in today's post, so follow along to determine which options are best from your area.

Native wood flooring is a great option

The Bigleaf Maple, also known as the Broadleaf Maple, is seen throughout some Pacific Northwest regions and creates flooring prized for its unique champagne hues with swirling grain patterns. Choose lengths between four and ten feet long, as well as features like solid hardwood flooring or engineered options.

Also native to the Pacific Northwest area is the Black Oak, an old wood type known for being submerged in water for years, with black tones created by the natural process. The deep, rich hues are a fantastic asset to any space.

Oregon Ash is a CA native that features attractive heartwood designs due to internal decay in the tree's center. The discoloration appears long before any degradation of the strength of this dense material so that you can enjoy both the appearance and the durability of this beautiful floor covering.

We look forward to providing the wood flooring you need most

At Avalon Wood Flooring, we understand the intricacies of hardwood and look forward to working with you to find options that meet all your requirements and preferences. We will work alongside you for any size project, striving to provide you with the best flooring experience possible.

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