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Does laminate flooring need to be acclimated?

For decades, laminate flooring has been considered an affordable, attractive alternative to genuine hardwood. Thanks to modern technology, it's advanced over the years with sharper images, textures, and improved seaming.

They're also durable, low maintenance, and have an uncomplicated installation. You're probably excited to install your new floors, but it takes two or three days to acclimate them first. So, you'll be happy you waited!

Why take chances with your investment?

Some, unfortunately, will say that since laminate flooring isn't natural wood, it doesn't require acclimation. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

This product is multi-layered, and the laminate wood flooring core is made mainly from fiberboard materials, a wood byproduct. It is porous and sensitive to temperature and humidity. It may also experience various climate changes during shipping.

Therefore, even though it?s much more stable than solid hardwood, it can still move, buckle and warp. It is especially critical if the laminate is installed as a flooring floor. Since the piece isn't affixed to the subfloor, even the slightest movement can affect appearance.

What is acclimation?

You?ll see beautiful wood that looks like Restoration by Mannington when you come into our showroom. Visit us when you shop for laminate flooring in Santa Ana, CA. You'll also see designs like Cutler Plank by Quick Step and Harmony Collection by SLC Flooring.

This easy pre-installation process involves letting the pieces get used to their new environment, maintaining a beautiful appearance and excellent performance. Visit our showroom.

Place unopened boxes?or the pieces directly on the floor?in the room where the flooring is installed.

The acclimation time is 48-72 hours, depending on the manufacturer. Again, seek the advice of your flooring professional, or check the warranty, for exact timing.

The room should be climate controlled with no excessive air conditioner or heat.

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