Carpet in Santa Ana, CA from Avalon Wood Flooring

Do I need carpet padding?

Yes, and we cannot emphasize this strongly enough. Padding, which comes in foam, rubber, or fiber, protects the carpet flooring from the bare surface, creating undue wear, impacting performance, and shortening the rug's longevity. Be sure to seek the advice of our flooring professionals for the best cushion when you are shopping for carpet in Santa Ana.

Not all padding is the same

Don't accept whatever is thrown into a bag while being told, "it's good," because every rug has different requirements; sometimes, padding can be too thick and harm the rug. Usually, padding should be between ?- inch to 7/16- inch thick with a minimum of three to 10 pounds per cubic foot.

A lot of factors go into the decision on what makes good padding. For instance, Berbers and other low pile rugs should have thinner padding; Berbers are recommended to be no more than ?-inch thick.

Sometimes you'll want thinner padding with a heavier weight, such as with carpet floors in busy spaces with a lot of foot traffic; on the other hand, a plush, thick cushion may be ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, and dens.

Carpet cushions:

1. Protect the rug from the bare floor, lessens the impact of foot traffic, and protects the rug's binding and backing.

2. Insulates temperature. Padding has a high thermal value, which means it resists heat loss. Carpet does, too, and that insulation increases significantly when the two are combined.

3. Cushions walking or standing. Padding gives that cushiony, bouncy feeling that makes walking on a rug so pleasant, making it easier on the joints.

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