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Designing with the most popular hardwood flooring colors

Light-woods, such as oak and maple, are currently trending, mainly because they're so easy to coordinate around; they work with almost anything. Darker colors like brown and ebony create warm and welcoming atmospheres and, when stained with a high gloss color, they have depth and reflective quality, almost like a mirror.

North American cherry is considered a first class hardwood and has been used for centuries. It has a beautiful pinkish/red hue, while its counterpart, the exotic Brazilian cherry, has a blazing red color.

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Before you choose, consider this

Keep in mind that whatever color wood flooring you choose needs to harmonize with your overall style, other furnishings, and floor coverings. While nothing needs to be an exact match, your house should have a cohesive look. That said, those sensational wood floors in your neighbor's home may not necessarily work in your home.

Also, consider the room in which it's to be installed. Is there plenty of natural light, making it bright and sunny, or is it dark? Light colors can make a room look light and airy, while dark colors will make the room look darker. It's the same with room size; a light color can visually enlarge it, while a dark color can make it seem a little smaller.

Lifestyle: a significant role in deciding color

Light floors tend not to show dirt as much, but if you have a shedding black cat, you may want to rethink it and go with a dark floor. It will show dust more, though. Another thing you want to think about is if it's going in a busy room or if you have a large family with kids.

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