Carpet flooring from Avalon Wood Flooring in Santa Ana, CA

Can carpet be dyed?

Over time, your carpet flooring experiences damage from everyday use spills and UV-sun fading. Carpet dying costs about ? the price of replacement, so you may choose to refresh it with some dye. There are a couple of caveats; only some fibers, such as wool and nylon, can be dyed, and you can only dye it a darker hue. Like anything, you?ll obtain the best results by hiring a professional to dye your carpet floors.

Why you might decide to dye and not replace

Sometimes a rug can be fairly new but still look worn and dirty. This happens to the highest quality rugs if stains are allowed to set or are not deep-cleaned periodically, which is why we strongly recommend regular professional cleaning.?

Sometimes carpet needs to be restretched, or it needs a full dye or some isolated spot treatment. Come into our carpet showroom, and we?ll advise you on the best course of action.

Are there other alternatives to saving a rug?

Yes! Sometimes you may decide that the rug isn?t worth trying to save, but it could be a family heirloom with sentimental value, or it may just be too pricey (like an Oriental rug) to replace. In that case, create a custom area rug. We can do all that in our rug binding department.??

Rug binding is the easiest and least expensive way of finishing a carpet edge. It involves wrapping a strip of fabric, usually polyester or cotton, around the edge stitching it in place with a carpet-binding machine.

This is a great, cost-effective way to have a new rug; sadly, many people don't know about rug binding, so they toss out something entirely that they don't need to. That means it not only cuts down on cost but also on waste.

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