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Are wood looks available in luxury vinyl flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) has a stylish, realistic wood look that, when you think about how wood flooring is installed, you?ll understand why the two closely resemble each other. Wood?s top coating, the surface you see and walk on, is a clear plastic finish that protects the floor. That?s what you walk on, not wood. Vinyl is also a kind of plastic. Combine that with the digital photography that?s clear, vibrant, and shows every raised grain, swirl, knots, and wormholes, and you'll have a true to life image of wood. Of course, you can also get stone or tile looks; feel free to visit us at Avalon Wood Flooring when you are shopping for luxury vinyl in Santa Ana, CA.

The truest mimic

When the vinyl flooring is cut into strips and mounted on boards to resemble hardwood planks, it is called vinyl plank or LVP. Many feel the extra seams of this form adds even more to the realistic look. Even more important are the various sizes of the planks, which also allow for mixed-width styles, together with the rectangular shape, enhance these wood-look floors' visual interest.

Unlimited species

LVF follows all current industry trends and, right now, the most sought-after species are hickory, oak, maple, walnut, and cherry. Some feel that LVP looks better in darker colors, and hickory certainly answers that need, especially when combined with a darker stain. Lighter floors are trending right now; designers love them because it?s so easy to coordinate around. You can get light oak or medium or dark tones.

Walnut is known for its warm honey glow, while maple is known for beautiful natural patterns. Cherry has that pink-reddish glow that?s a little more subtle when it comes to knots and swirls. In short, you can now have wood anywhere, even in the bathroom, which is known as the "wettest room in the house" and is therefore not recommended for natural wood installations.

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