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Are carpet sweepers a good way to clean a carpet?

Whether you plan to use it entirely on its own or as an addition to the vacuum, a carpet sweeper can help make your cleaning task easier.? They are terrific if you need to do some spot cleaning, want to reduce the potential noise of a vacuum cleaner or if you need to clean up dirt in places you might not have electrical outlets, such as enclosed porches.? Following are some tips from Avalon Wood Flooring, your source for carpet in Santa Ana.

Electric or manual?

While most sweepers are manual, using a forward motion to move brush rolls, it can be argued that electric ones have more cleaning power.? You may want to choose the electric type if you have pets or heavy foot traffic.? However, manual models are more lightweight with no motors to weigh the sweeper down; you also don?t have to be concerned about batteries running out of juice or finding outlets.? The manuals are also obviously environmentally friendly since they don?t use electricity.

Consider both brush width and blade

Wider brushes are best for carpet floors in large areas with few obstacles, such as moldings or door sills.? While a more compact model (with brushes of less than eight feet wide) might be easier to maneuver in corners and tight areas, they?re not as fast, which might be a concern, especially when it comes to large spaces. Bristle brushes are the most frequently used for carpet flooring?and can pick up large particles such as dropped food.? While there are rubber blades, they should be used only for tile and hardwood floors.

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