A few facts about carpet grippers

A few facts about carpet grippers

Carpet grippers, also known as tack strips, are used during a new carpet flooring installation. They are thin strips of wood with protruding nails that face upward.

The tack strips are placed around the room's perimeter. The padding goes between the strips, and the rug is stretched tightly over the tack strip and affixed to the nails.?

The result is a taut rug that won?t move. Read on to learn more about carpet grippers.?

Many types of grippers

Be sure to describe your project to the flooring expert. There are different types of grippers for various floors or rug materials.

For example, stairway rugs require a different strip than one on a flat surface. The experts in the carpet store can advise you on the best one to use.

Don?t confuse the word ?gripper."

In order to get just what you want, keep in mind that there's also "rug gripper tape." That goes on the underside of an area rug or mat to keep it from slipping.

Some transition strips are sometimes called carpet grippers. These strips have "teeth" that hide unfinished edges.

This transition strip is often used also when a room transitions from one floor covering to another. An example would be a carpeted bedroom opening to a room with vinyl flooring.

You want your carpet in Santa Ana to be a beautiful installation.?

You should always get a professional carpet installation

In the carpet industry, there are often no common names for something. That means something can be referred to by several different names.

Professionals at our carpet store have the experience and skill to understand the nuances that can make or break your remodeling project.

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