Will carpet improve my home more than hardwood?

Will carpet improve my home more than hardwood?

When you consider carpet flooring for your remodel, you'll have many questions that deserve a complete answer. Many homeowners want to know if carpet will improve their home, especially when the alternative flooring choice is hardwood.

If you?re stuck between the two products, we can give you more information that could determine your final decision. Here are some facts about this floor covering and what it could do for you.

Carpet offers excellent improvements

Carpet is well-loved for its softness, adding comfort wherever it's installed. This benefit is often utilized in bedrooms, children?s rooms, living rooms, and home offices, where carpet in Santa Ana, CA, offers a fantastic level of relaxation.

If comfort is your goal, carpet will improve your home better than hardwood, even though the lifespan is much shorter. It may not raise your home value as much as wood flooring, but when carpeting fits your preferences and needs, it?s worth far more to you and your remodeling plans.

Enjoy enhanced visual appeal

Carpet floors are known for extensive diversity in appearance options, with various fibers that offer different looks. Wool, nylon, and Freize look different, to name only a few options, and cater to other d?cor schemes through carpet flooring.

Choose the perfect carpet height, color, and texture to add depth to your floor's visual and improve your interior design. And in rooms that have hard surface flooring, you can use leftover carpet remnants to create a lovely cohesive area with rugs and runners, with your choice of borders.

Enhanced features for longevity

You'll also enjoy improving your carpet's lifespan with features such as built-in stain protection, which lasts as long as your floors are in place. Ask which fibers last longer, and you'll enjoy your carpet in Santa Ana for decades instead of years only.

Contact our carpet store today

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