Custom area rugs from Avalon Wood Flooring in Santa Ana, CA

Why should you consider custom area rugs?

Many homeowners wonder why they should consider custom area rugs instead of the premade pieces you can find in various places. The main reason is the ability to create a unique component to your specific requirements in any given room.

However, there are more benefits to these rugs, and we?re going to tell you more about them. Follow along to find out what you might not already know.

You get custom carpet binding, too

The perfect area rug can undoubtedly change any room's appearance, whether toning down a busy appearance or creating a focal point in a neutral one. You can even move them from room to room any time you?re ready for a change in the appearance of a room.

Creating a custom rug is easy. First, you choose the carpet piece or remnant that best suits your requirements, and then let us know what size and shape you need.

The next step is custom carpet binding, which not only adds a beautiful finish to your rug, but it protects the edges from unraveling as well. There are a few main types of binding to choose from.

The three main types are simple binding, serging, and adding a fringe. Binding uses a piece of fabric stitched into place, while serging is a stitching method that closely resembles the hand-binding of more expensive pieces.

Finally, fringing combines a regular binding with beautiful fringe work that makes the piece far more decorative. Often reserves for areas with low travel and activity levels, it?s a gorgeous addition to any room.

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