Use carpet for your interior design

Use carpet for your interior design

Often a change in flooring can switch the entire atmosphere of a room. Fortunately, nothing does that as much as carpet floors.

These days it's all about creativity. Carpets are no longer considered pale backgrounds. Instead, they are the foundation of a room's design, with bright, bold colors, rich earthy tones, and vibrant patterns.

Architects and designers have been using carpeting in interior design for years. You can, too.

Express your style

Carpet flooring is a great way to add visual interest, texture, and warmth. Technology has them constantly evolving with digital patterning that provides more vibrant, longer-lasting designs, larger color palettes, and styles galore.

There are even "specialties," such as pet-and-kid-friendly or hypoallergenic carpet flooring. We also see extra durability and stain resistance, making the rugs stand up to the heaviest wear from kids and pets.

Numerous fiber types, styles

You'll see an extensive selection for both residential and commercial use. They include rugs such as Basket Weave from Unique Carpets or Deere Run by Dream Weaver.

For commercial installations, check out Interweave by Pentz Commercial. Again, finding something that suits your style and budget is easy.

You can go from the most traditional to contemporary and any style in between.

Minimal maximalism

Also, consider area rugs when shopping for carpet in Santa Ana, CA. These are just little carpets and an essential design tool for the hottest trend of 2023?minimal maximalism.

This trend highlights both concepts. An area rug can add color and vibrancy to a wall-to-wall or add texture to a hard surface.
Visit us to learn more about our custom area rugs or explore our inventory of stock items.

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