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The best cleaning tips for laminate flooring

One of the many advantages of laminate flooring is its low maintenance. It needs only regular sweeping and periodic mopping. Please read further for some of our tips from your premier source for laminate flooring in Santa Ana, CA.

Read the instructions before you do anything

Most have detailed product guides and other instructions. Be sure to follow them, as the wrong product can be ineffective at best but damaging at worst. For example, avoid cleaning products without the "made for laminate" label, as well as waxy shine-promoting cleaners.

Wipe stains as soon as possible

Remember, most laminate is made from wood byproducts easily damaged by excess liquid. It's also like anything else; the longer it sits, the more it will stain.

Mop every two months

That's all it takes to keep them fresh, and don't use excess water or abrasive tools. Damp microfiber mops are best, but if you use a string or sponge mop, be sure it's so well-wrung it's almost completely dry.

Employ some everyday items

Credit cards, plastic knives, or bags of ice can help remove tricky items like hardened candle wax or gum. Rubbing alcohol will help remove ink, crayons, or nail polish.

Prevention is better than cure!

Put mats at entrances, and if it's not too awkward, you might even ask people to remove their shoes. Scratches provide tiny crevices for dirt to embed, referred to as "pitting." A pitted floor is tough to clean, so use protective furniture pads under chair and table legs, especially if they get moved frequently.?

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Laminate flooring is a stylish and affordable alternative to genuine wood, and it keeps getting better every day with technological innovations like high-definition photography and deep embossing. At Avalon Wood Flooring, you'll get high-quality products and superior installations. Come into our showroom to learn more and get a free quote. We?re in Santa Ana, CA, serving Irvine, Newport Beach, and Corona Del Mar.