Waterproof flooring in Santa Ana, CA from Avalon Wood Flooring

Does water-resistant mean waterproof flooring?

No, the two terms are different. However, we want you to know just what you're getting with?waterproof flooring, so we?ll explain further.

Waterproof flooring is impenetrable

When something is waterproof, it's constructed with totally waterproof materials, such as PVC vinyl. No special coatings are needed; it's impervious whether submerged or spilled on. Water-resistant flooring repels liquid but for a short time before it breaks the barrier and soaks the core.

SPC and WPC cores

Sometimes referred to as ?waterproof vinyl flooring," this is an engineered version of luxury vinyl. It's thicker, more durable, and constructed with stone plastic composite (SPC) or wood plastic composite (WPC) cores.??

These won't peel or ripple, no matter how much water there is or for how long. So, you can go away for weeks or months with peace of mind knowing your floor can't be destroyed if there's a flood or leak.

Waterproof flooring is stylish

Waterproof vinyl flooring has the same visual appeal as luxury vinyl with true-to-life wood, stone, and tile images. They're so realistic that sometimes, even the flooring experts have difficulty discerning it from the real thing. The material is cut into planks or tile-sized groutable squares.

The floors also have depth and dimension with micro beveling and embossing. Embossing is a process that enables manufacturers to reproduce textures that are often done by hand on genuine materials, such as wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered, distressed, or embossed-in-register.

Same easy care and installation

Waterproof flooring only needs regular sweeping and periodic mopping. Again, installation is easy; the pieces have a clicking mechanism to mat and hover over the subfloor.

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