Carpet flooring from Avalon Wood Flooring in Santa Ana, CA

Comparing carpet fibers

Carpet flooring can be a monumental step for any homeowner, which is why it?s so imperative to know which fibers are going to work best in your situation. Each fiber has a unique construction and set of characteristics, so one will likely be better for you than all the others.

We are going to tell you a bit about the various fibers available to you so you?ll have a better idea of precisely what you need. This saves time, money, worry and helps you walk away with a floor covering that you can truly stand on.

Fiber options for your carpet flooring

Nylon is by far the most common carpet fiber, thanks to its immense versatility. Choose this fiber for durability, crush resistance, mildew resistance, and excellent twist recall.

Polyester is very much like nylon, featuring excellent stain and fade resistance, affordability, and softness. It?s perfect for areas in your home that bring medium levels of traffic.

Olefin, also known as polypropylene, is a great choice if you?re looking for excellent stain resistance at an affordable price. It?s incredibly resistant to fading, bleaching, moisture, and wear, bringing some of the most attractive color options even in heavily trafficked spaces.

Triexta (PTT) fiber is exceptionally resilient and offers excellent resistance to stains. Softness is another feature of this polyester-type fiber that will last a long time in the right environments.

Wool is the only all-natural carpet material available and therefore is more expensive. However, you?ll be gaining a durable and eco-friendly material, offers excellent variety, and brings striking colors and patterns to any space into which it?s installed. The most important thing to remember about wool is that it should be installed only in areas where you can control humidity and moisture.

We?ll be the carpet retailer you need

We invite you to shop Avalon Wood Flooring for your carpet flooring in Santa Ana, CA. As a carpet retailer that strives for customer satisfaction, no matter the project size, we?ll make sure you find the perfect fibers and more, for an unbelievable flooring experience. If you?re from the areas of Santa Ana, Irvine, Newport Beach, or Corona Del Mar, CA, we look forward to serving you soon.