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Help! I'm confused; what is a textured carpet?

Since many use carpet terms interchangeably, we can see how shopping can be a bit overwhelming. Fear not, however, because we'll simplify the process for you, and don't let anything stop you! Carpet floors are warm, elegant, and come with countless benefits, so come into Avalon Wood Flooring for plenty of information when you are shopping for carpet in Santa Ana.

The style determines the texture

All rugs fall into two categories: straight looped or fibers cut into various lengths, called "piles." Whether the rug fibers are looped, cut, long, densely packed, or twisted impacts the feel underfoot and durability. One carpet style, the cut, and loop, combines the two categories to create various patterns with sculpted and marble-like textures.

Different kinds of textured carpet flooring

  1. Level or straight loop: These rugs are entirely uncut loop piles, which creates a tight overall texture. They won't show any marks, making it a great carpet flooring option for high-traffic areas.
  2. Berber: This style, too, has looped fibers, but they have longer and thicker yarns. It's also durable, appropriate for high traffic areas; Berbers often have neutral backgrounds with flecks of brown or gray; the flecked pattern that camouflages dirt well.
  3. Saxony: This is what most people think of when they hear the word carpet. Saxony Straight (sometimes called Saxony Velvet) is a cut pile with longer, densely packed fibers creating a luxurious, velvety, formal look. Another version, called "Saxony Textured" or "Saxony Trackless," can be used in traditional or casual atmospheres and won't show any footprints or marks.
  4. Frieze: This rug has long fibers so tightly twisted they curl, giving it a more casual look. It's durable and great for high-traffic areas like the family room. Frieze is sometimes confused with the shag, a high pile with longer, more loose yarns.

When deciding on the right carpet texture for you, be sure to explore your lifestyle, as well as the room, to be sure it's meeting your needs. Our design consultants are always available to help. In addition, the Avalon Wood Flooring showroom is in Santa Ana, CA; we offer free quotes and work with homeowners and businesses in and near Santa Ana, Irvine, Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, CA.