Hardwood from Avalon Wood Flooring in Santa Ana, CA

Will hardwood flooring work with my California Coastal decor?

Absolutely! While each area has its description of coastal, California Coastal, is characterized by light wood floors and white walls. It's light, airy, clean, eco-friendly, and simple. There are numerous species from which to choose, but some of the light-colored ones to consider are white oak; red oak (which is lighter than white oak and has a pinkish hue); birch; ash, etc.

The species assortment is available for either version of hardwood, whether solid or engineered. Ask your hardwood flooring retailer to tell you about the two constructions.

Fits into any style

Versatility is one of the many great benefits of these floors. They fit into any decor, not just California Coastal, including contemporary, urban loft-style, traditional and more.? They last for years but, in the interim, if you want a change of color, simply have the flooring sanded and restained.

Water and hardwood?

"Coastal" is reminiscent of the beach and water, but the solution is simple when it comes to solid wood and its water challenges. Wipe spills immediately; placemats strategically at entrances and in front of sinks and acclimate it before installing. Solid timber tends to move around to adjust to weather conditions; for instance, it will expand in humidity and shrink in dry weather. The acclimation process is to leave opened boxes in the room in which it's to be installed for at least three days to let it adjust.

Another answer is to select the engineered version of hardwood because that flooring requires no acclimation. The only difference in engineered hardwood is that the flooring has a different construction. Solid is one slab throughout, but engineered has a thick wood slab at the top and underneath at least three layers of genuine timber combined with a little resin. The layers are then placed in a crosswise position, giving the floor more stability and an increased ability to handle water.

Both versions can be refinished, are durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. Ask your hardwood retailer for more information about the two flooring types. For more information, visit the Avalon Wood Flooring showroom in Santa Ana, CA., serving Santa Ana, Irvine, Newport Beach, and Corona Del Mar.

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