Hardwood flooring from Avalon Wood Flooring in Santa Ana, CA

When to hire a professional hardwood refinishing service

One of the things we love about hardwood flooring is that it lasts for decades, often looking even better as it ages.? After many years, it might start to look dull and worn with a lot of scratches. Maybe you?ll just want a change of color; while wood floors are classic, color trends do change, or maybe you?re going from a more traditional to a cottage look. Hardwood refinishing isn?t just about repair!

Of course, it can also be difficult to figure out if you need it now. After all, a lot of scratches are in the veneer, not the wood. Here are two ways to tell:? The first is the water test; drop a bit of liquid and if it doesn't sink in, or if it sinks in very slowly,? you can probably wait a few months. If it sinks in immediately, call for service.

Call for service if your boards change color

If your hardwood boards are turning gray, that means there's water damage somewhere. The water is oxidizing, which eventually will become dark spots.? Those dark spots turn black and when that happens, there's no choice but to replace them.? If you need wood refinishing services in Santa Ana, CA visit our showroom and we?d be happy to answer your questions.

Why you shouldn?t try it yourself

Simply, you want to protect your investment.? Hardwood floors add value to your home and, if you?re planning to sell, you should know that floors are one of the first things people look at.? Even if you?re not planning to sell, you still want this major square footage to make a great impression.

Whatever you do, don?t reach for the orbital sander in your garage! The floors are sanded with a sanding drum; they are laborious, hard to navigate and if you spend even the tiniest time in one area, you?ll put a hole in the floor which leads to costly repairs or replacement.

It also needs to be done smoothly with the grain, not against it. Coats need to be thoroughly dry before reapplying; otherwise, they'll be debris and you'll have a bumpy floor.

For more information about hardwood refinishing, visit the Avalon Wood Flooring showroom in Santa Ana, CA.? We service Santa Ana, Irvine, Newport Beach, and Corona Del Mar, Ask about our estimates.