Narrow or wide hardwood flooring planks ? does it matter?

Narrow or wide hardwood flooring planks ? does it matter?

Plank width is a big decision when selecting wood flooring. However, the decision seems pretty basic initially; wide planks are over five inches while narrow ones are two to four inches, and you pick the size.

It's more than that because each gives a room a different feeling. You'll need to decide what your style goals are before you choose.

Wide planks: traditional or rustic decor

Wide planks are ideal for these decors but also work well in contemporary and modern designs. Because they're larger, they tend to show off the grains, knots, and other features more distinctly.

You?ll see many different widths in our hardwood flooring company. They come from brands like Johnson, Hallmark, Gemwoods, and more.

Wider planks also have fewer seams and fewer visual interruptions. They give an open, airy feeling when they are lighter-colored woods.

Narrow planks: clean and contemporary

Some prefer a smoother look with fewer knots. This makes narrow-width planks ideal.

They're also great for small, more narrow rooms. Alternatively, narrow planks in a large room can make it look cluttered.

The excellent design compromise: random width floors

Random widths are used with engineered or solid hardwood flooring. It refers to planks that come in groups of three, all of the different sizes. Designers use them to create unique designs that can visually enlarge a space.

It suits all rooms and works well in rustic and modern designs.

Check out Handcrafted Bengal Bay from Mannington. It comes with planks in 2, 3, and five-inch widths and is available in various colors.

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