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How to buy the best quality carpet

Quality translates to durability, and a good carpet will look and perform well for years, sometimes up to 20. But, of course, that means it's essential to buy the best your wallet will allow.

Carpet floors add charm and elegance to your home, and they also come with countless functional benefits, such as eliminating noise, insulating temperature, improving indoor air quality, and more. Here are some tips for selecting the best for your budget.

First, understand your carpet flooring needs

And they're specific to you because the carpet flooring you fell in love with at your cousin's house may not be suitable for your home. For example, what's the size of your family? Do you have kids and pets? How will you use the room? These are all things you need to communicate to the flooring experts when you're shopping for carpet in Santa Ana.

Know that quality isn?t determined by weight only

A heavier weight may be more durable at times, but density is a better indicator. It means how closely together the fibers are tufted. Density numbers are on the label and should read between 3,000-5,000.

The twist is also a good indicator, specific to carpets with longer fibers. It refers to how many times fiber is turned per inch. Good numbers are at least four and can go as high as eight; it's also on the label.

Don?t skimp on carpet padding

A carpet cushion gives you that bouncy feeling when you walk and protects your rug from the bare floor. Without it, your carpet's backing will experience wear and tear and will probably need replacement earlier than you'd like. It also helps to insulate temperature by preventing drafts from seeping into the rug.

Don't just accept whatever is thrown into the bag. Some paddings can be too thick for some rugs, so seek the advice of an expert on selecting the best one for your rug.

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