carpet flooring

Four reasons to love carpet flooring

Designers love to debate about its popularity, but the soft surface will always win the race.? Not only are rugs beautiful, soft and warm, but this flooring is quite functional, as your retailer will explain about carpet.

The floor is your blank canvass, the rug your art

When you walk into a flooring store, you are going to see a dizzying array of carpet colors, patterns, fibers, styles, and constructions.

You can thank modern technology for this.? Color palettes are so expanded, even the once iconic gold, green and brown hues of the shag have become reds, blues, greens, purples, blacks and more.

Digital printing has created deeper patterning that doesn't wear off.? If you have a pet or need extra stain resistance and durability, no worries because some are created just for that.

This might also be a good time to visit our rug binding department. You can create your custom design either from an existing, but somewhat worn out, rug, or you can design one from scratch.

Layering is a big trend for 2020, so fashion one, place it over your soft surface and voila!? Floor art.

Other benefits

  • Carpet floors absorb sound. Any fabric keeps vibrations from bouncing off the walls, so a soft surface will protect you from clicking heels, tapping pet nails, muffled phone conversations and more. It is the perfect choice for a nursery when quiet is the main concern.
  • Improves indoor air quality.? When you sweep, dust particles and pollutants may fly around in the air, but carpet fibers will trap them.? These particles will remain deeply in the thread until the rug is deep cleaned. Vacuuming only gets the surface dirt, so professional cleaning is a must.
  • Provides safety.? Carpet flooring has excellent traction, so if you have children or pets who like to run, or senior residents prone to falling, there are no worries about them running into falls or slipping.? If they do fall, it?s a lot nicer to do it on a soft surface than a hard one.

Want to learn more about carpet?? Talk to a flooring retailer at the Avalon Wood Flooring showroom in Santa Ana, CA. Ask about our free estimates and free design consultations.